TikTok ban removed but you still Can Not download it from Play Store

Last week, TikTok, the favorite app for uploading short videos, was Under the ban, the app was no longer available for download from the official app stores on both Android and iOS devices. But after the last court hearing, the interim ban has been removed. However, despite the removal of the ban, the program still can not be downloaded from the official program shops.

As of April 26, TikTok is still not available for download via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Even if you try to install it via Google Chrome from a computer, the app listing page indicates an error. A report by Gadgets 360 suggests that Madras High Court has not sent the directive formally to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This is why the government has not managed to ask Google and Apple to make the apps available officially on their program stores.

While the reason for the Delay remains unknown, those who are interested in downloading the program will still need to rely on third-party websites for downloading it on Android phones. Do note that the case is still continuing and it could be a while before the court sends the directive to the government to remove the ban on the program.

On April 24, the Madras High Court removed the Interim ban after saying that it was just interested in preventing exposure of kids to cybercrime. Also, the court also pointed out that India doesn’t have laws like the US COPPA to protect children in cyberspace.

TikTok in its defence suggested that the Company has been employing technology to flag objectionable content since July of 2018. Community guidelines and stay within regulations while uploading Content into the platform. The company even argued that only 0.0006 per It removed from the platform.

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